About Meredith

I am a New York City based chef and caterer. Originally from Baltimore, I have lived in Manhattan now for almost a decade (a fact that makes me feel both old and proud all at once).

In 2007, after 7 years in the corporate world of publishing and pharmaceuticals, I took the plunge and got my culinary degree from The French Culinary Institute. Upon graduating, I went into catering and have worked for clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Baltimore.

Despite my time in the fast-paced culinary world of New York City, I truly believe that my most relevant experience comes from the cooking that I do in my own little kitchen (and by that, I do mean little). I have been cooking for myself (and my husband, and a couple of lucky roommates) since my college days, using the tools and knowledge that I picked up not only in school, but also in my own mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens.

To me, food and cooking are easy and natural ways of communicating. Of saying I love you. Or, this is where I’m coming from. It’s is an opportunity to pass along heritage, familial pride and memories. It’s also a great way to learn about other people and places. Food and meals shared can open up a dialogue that business meetings and board rooms will never be able to achieve. Food is personal. It comes from the heart. And it’s something that all humans have in common.

Over the past decade I’ve collected a lot of ideas, and created a lot of recipes that I want to share. They are absolutely for the home cook…these are pieces of my own kitchen, and I hope you enjoy them.