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ShareMy husband is one of those lucky people who comes from a big family on both sides. Not only that, but most of his cousins are in a similar age bracket: late 20’s to about 40, all with burgeoning careers and adult lives and families of their own. Last weekend, we came together with the […]


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ShareI hold a very special place in my heart for chicken salad.   Growing up in Baltimore, it was a menu main stay for pretty much every occasion: bridal showers, baby showers, buffets, cocktail parties, tailgates.  Name an event and a Baltimoron will find a way to get chicken salad on the menu. The perennial favorites […]

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ShareI hate New Years resolutions. It seems to me that the reason we make them is because we have somehow failed in our attempts to accomplish whatever it is we’re resolving, again, to do.  Be healthy. Lose weight.  Spend less.  Excersice more. Why is it that each January, our resolutions are the exact same as […]

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