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This is our first Halloween in a “real” neighborhood and the hubster and I feel like kids again. We’re both October babies, so fall and Halloween seem so much a part of who we are. But I think the real reason we’re excited is that, for the first time in our marriage, we’re expecting a ton of trick or treaters, who love the holiday as much as we do (what is it about adulthood that makes people groan about wearing costumes, or getting their lazy bum off the sofa to hand out candy to kids)…

This year, the first in our new neighborhood and our new house, I decorated with orange lights and cobwebs on the bushes and a purple lighted black cat (a slight homage to my home team, the Baltimore Ravens). We carved a pumpkin on Friday.

There’s nothing like the feeling, as a kid, of wandering with your gang of friends through the chilly, dark night, hitting up house after house, maybe heading back to the ones who had the good stuff (mini boxes of raisins and pretzels were just so freaking lame). Hoping it was brisk but not cold enough that Mom made you wear a coat over your costume. The crunch, crunch of the leaves under your feet, announcing your arrival before you even rang the bell.  The smoky fall smell of a fire in a neighborhood chimney. Once in a while I’d get a little scared, especially if a streetlight was out or I lagged a bit behind. Deliciously scared, that is.

By far the best part of the night was coming back to your own street, where you knew everyone who’d be opening the door.  Even though we’ve only been here for 5 months, I’ve met several of the neighborhood kids and I can’t wait to see their costumes and open the door for them, with a massive bowl of candy in hand.  I use a large green 60’s tupperware bowl that I like to joke was my inheritance from my grandmother. She made everything from pasta salad to Christmas cookies to Yorkshire pudding in that bowl, and I pull it out with love and happy memories. I can’t think of a better occasion to use it.

I have more candy than I know what to do with, and if these kids don’t take it all, hubby and I are in serious trouble.

I’ve made us a slightly more healthy snack, but no less fun and festive.  The cinnamon and sugar combo smells like fresh cider doughnuts when combined with the hot popcorn, and the salt keeps it from being too sweet.  Think of it as a much lighter take on the traditionally cloying caramel corn. Make a big bowl, turn on a scary movie and wait for the doorbell to start ringing…

Orville who?

Triple S Popcorn
I like to call this popcorn triple S, because it’s salty, sweet and spicy. Enjoy!
3 tbsp Canola oil
1/3 cup popcorn kernels
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
In a large saute pan with a lid, add oil and popcorn and shake continuously over medium high heat, covered, until popping starts. Occasionally release the lid slightly to let out some steam. Shake over heat until the popping just stops.  In a large bowl, add sugar, salt and cinnamon. Toss in popcorn, making sure to get all the kernels covered.

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