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Here’s the thing: I feel guilty.  All.  The.  Time.

The littlest comment will send me tunneling down the guilt spiral.  Mom’s friend says “oh, I know your parents really miss you!” Kill me. Slowly. The mother-in-law mentions she’s by herself for the weekend and wouldn’t I like to grab a bite?  Guilt stinging like a swarm of bees.  Maybe I went a little over budget on our house repairs? I might as well just stay up all night, because there’s no way I’ll ever fall asleep.

And yes.  You guessed it. My lack of recent posts has me feeling crushed under a Kilimanjaro sized mound of guilt. I’m failing my readers!  I’m a cop out!  I only have myself to blame!

The problem is that lately, life has been so hectic that not only haven’t I had time to write, I just haven’t been cooking.  Like, at all. And when I do manage to cobble something together, it’s an old stand-by that I can make in my sleep, and thus have already posted.  I even missed my one year blog-iversary.  I feel like a deadbeat dad. An absentee mother.  A cheater. A lout.  A total loser.

To top it all off, last week while driving a Uhaul truck, alone, from Baltimore to Long Island, I was pulled over for the first time since college.  The cop was of course a complete jerk (is anyone else still waiting to meet a nice cop?) and made me feel like I was a dirty rat who had just slithered out of my dark little hole. Turns out that on Long Island, commercial vehicles are not allowed on parkways. Huh. Who knew?  Not me, obviously.  So, now I have yet another item to add to the ever-growing guilt list: a $130 smackaroo fine for being a complete and utter moron.

This morning I awoke to a feeling of overwhelming dread. What had I forgotten to do?  Which of the fifty-seven balls I’m currently juggling had I inadvertently dropped in my sleep?  I’ve turned into this walking mass of paranoia and guilt and I don’t even really know why! I was making myself a comforting breakfast sandwich when the phone rang.  It was my dear, sweet hubby calling from the bachelor party he’s currently attending in Vegas.  “Babe, the tables were ice-cold last night.  I fell asleep next to the steak nachos I ordered late night and now the we’re all heading down to the pool. I’m starving!”

Well.  Screw this. If he can gamble away the gutter-repair fund and waste a perfectly good plate of my favorite food, then I really need to give myself a break. It’s a sofa-city wine and cheese night for one and never mind what I’m neglecting.  I need a reminder once in a while that 1) I’m not Atlas , 2) I’m not that important and 3) I need to chillax.

Egguilty feeling...

Guilt Free Egg Sandwich
1 large farm fresh egg
1 thick slice country ham
1 large handful fresh spinach
1 thick slice tomato
1 slice country bread, toasted
Salt and pepper to taste
In a small non-stick skillet, wilt spinach over medium heat, seasoning with salt and pepper.  Remove to plate.  Season tomato slice with salt and pepper. Heat the same non-stick skillet over medium high heat, and coat with cooking-spray.  Crack your egg into the middle of the hot pan.  Season with salt and pepper. Cook about 1 minute until the whites have almost solidified. Gently flip with a spatula, making sure not to crack the yolk.  Cook ten seconds more, remove from heat. Layer: toasted bread, spinach, tomato slice, ham and egg.  Season with freshly cracked black pepper.  Enjoy.

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