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Paradise found

Paradise found

I have a touch of the “Irish flu” today, so naturally I’m craving food that is not way up there on the health-o-meter. Besides, it’s Friday, which means weekend eating is upon us. Hello bar food, my old friend. I haven’t seen you in a whole week!

Whenever I’m in this particular state, there is one thing, and one thing alone, that I crave. The Nacho. It’s pretty much the perfect food. A crunchy vessel for all things salty and tasty: beans, cheese, fresh pico de gallo, homemade guacamole, you name it. I threw a little grilled chicken on this version as well. You could also do chili, or grilled veggies or spinach. Leftover steak or pork tenderloin. Consider mixing up the cheeses: a combination of monteray jack, cheddar and munster. The jack and munster are great melting cheeses and the cheddar lends a nice sharp quality.

I urge you to create fresh toppings for your nachos. Chop up some tomatoes, red onion, fresh jalapeno, cilantro. Toss with lime, salt, pepper and cumin for a bright and super easy pico de gallo. Gaucamole makes everything better. Combine one avocado, a quarter of a small white onion, chopped, a handful of chopped cilantro, two tablespoons of chopped tomato, as much fresh chopped jalapeno as you can handle, lime, salt and pepper. I long ago switched from sour cream to plain greek style yogurt. It’s slightly tangier than sour cream, which I love, and its loads better for you. This is fun food, so be playful and experiment. Try fruit salsas with jerk chicken or pork nachos. Or, sprinkle chopped, grilled zucchini, scallions and fresh basil over cheese nachos for an Italian flair. There are no rules!

Really, I encourage you to think of your nacho as a blank canvas. A way to express yourself. Think of the nacho as its own food group. A meal unto itself. Take pride in your nachos. They will love you back.

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